Database Development

System Setting MINI MART Restaurant Enrollment Loan System
There are 2 exchange rate(in/out)
Dynamic receipt printing able to change header and footer with logo..
Data maintenance (data backup)
Set receipt template with logo
Set Receipt printing
Set deduct day for student payment
Set range of day to alert payment
Set amount of fine when payment late
Dynamic template of schedule payment in English and Khmer

Productivity MINI MART Restaurant Enrollment Loan System
Product info
Supplier info
Customer info
Create customer info
View customer listing
Create Loan to customers with or without guarantors
View customer dashboard
Product Category
Product printing with a lot of format
Create product promotion with period of time
Tracking customer's dashboard
Create Staff info and View Staff Listing
Create Student info and View Student listing
Create term Study
Create Time Study
Create Room Study
Create School(English School and Khmer School)
Create Computer skill
Create Bus Service(Transportation)
Create Day Care Service
Create Book,Uniform and other service list Info
Create schedule or study season (Academic year)
Create expense daily
Register student and payment
Register student with bus service, day care by period
Alert payment of studen study, bus service, day care
View Receipt listing
View computer payment
Auto-Generate schedule of payment table
Create loan type
Create Loan Duration (Period of time)
Create Customer Type
Setup interest by loan type and duration
Setup period of time that able to full payment for loan
View Alert Payment of loan schedule for payment

Report Tracking MINI MART Restaurant Enrollment Loan System
View receipt by period of time, user...
View purchase order
View all transaction history of product(qty in/out)
View product expired date
View sales report
Inventory report
Purchase order report
Top sold product
Sale Summary report
Product Activity Report
Product Flow Report
Stock Count Report
View Receipt Canceled report
Product Removed Report
Studunt Register report by period
Receipt Report by period
Expense Report by period
Explore student by Time, Room, School,....
Monthly Income Report
Receive payment report by period
Loan Report filter by completed or not
Payment late report
Full payment report of loan

User Management MINI MART Restaurant Enrollment Loan System
Create User Unlimited
Set permission to user (User level)
Tracking user's activity